C.S. Lewis: The Unapologetic Apologist

     The Works of C.S. Lewis have had a profound impact upon this man. The Scholar/Oxford Professor turned Christian Apologist has had a significant influence upon my intellectual development over the course of previous years. There have been significantly less teachers as opposed to an abundance who have really stretched my thinking and challenged the limits of my brainpower. This genius has not only done that with ease, but has somehow fused higher thought with humor and splendor that tickles the imagination and makes one burst out with laughter and joy and tears at various points of any given chapter of a book bearing the authors initials. One might come to expect a certain dryness which abounds in scholarly textbooks or silliness without wit found in fictions galore in circulation today. Not often is there a marriage of these two unlikely styles but Lewis regularly makes a mosaic with them.

     The Unapologetic Apologist was trained by a master scholar and rhetorician affectionately donned “The Great Knock.” The Great Knock instilled in Lewis an ability to analyze language and thought on a level deeper than the ordinary scholar would ever contemplate or go. He insisted that Lewis base his thoughts upon something substantial or else keep his mouth shut. He constantly berated Lewis with his own words forcing him to think through every word and phrase and sentence he would ever articulate verbally or in his writing. This was taxing and toilsome to Lewis but he was refined in this furnace of discipline and the fruit of it is bountiful for us today in some of the most richest writings available. His works will inspire one’s heart and cause him to dream and think and imagine as never before. At times this man’s synapses have been left smoking from the pain of trying to wrap his mind around a thought, clause, or phrase to his benefit. Anyone who dives into a work of Lewis will be blessed, challenged, and changed. The discipline Lewis endured is inspiring and a good example of how we as humans should live. We should discipline ourselves with a worthy endeavor in this life and produce a work that others can benefit from. A work that others will rise up and call a true work of art. The author of this blog recommends Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis as a starting point. (References to “the Great Knock” were taken from Suprised by Joy -Lewis’ autobiographical work)

-Ben Villescas

                                                         C.S. Lewis



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