Happy Ruach Year!

I feel a fresh breeze so to speak blowing and stirring in my soul. I must confess, most of the New Years experiences I have had have been blurry, surreal, and a bit depressing. This year though, a new thing is occuring. I feel energy from God to start afresh this new year and am in expectation that God is going to do great and mighty things in the year to come. It is the Ruach (Hebrew for wind) of God. It is synonymous with the Holy Spirit of God and its emphasis is upon the outward manifestations of the Spirit of God at work in the world. Like when the leaves blow in the autumn we don’t see the wind, only its effects. It is not often that real revival comes to the soul, but when it comes in full force, it must be discerned, appreciated, and meditated upon. The experiential nature of God’s breath brings life to the emotions, and stirring in the imagination and dreams are sweet in dwelling upon the Ruach from above and the Ruach dwelling within the heart and soul of a believer in Jesus Christ. This is not just pie in the sky that we sit around and relish, as nice as it is to take time for this. It must be recognized, and harnessed into a practical outworking of the vision and inspiration. Revival peaks when the manifestations of the inworkings of the Ruach of God inside the hearts of men begin to show up in the outside life, community, and world abroad. When this happens, nations tremble, souls are converted to God, and His glory shines! I am looking for that in my life this New Year, Are you?

Happy Ruach Year to the World!


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