The Seasonal Gospel

It happens every equinox and solstice, our world changes; we enter a new phase. Spring gives life to green buds and baby deer and tender grass. The hills are alive with the sound of music. Then summer comes, that blissful time of hot fun under the rays of the sun. When the clouds come to visit the moors of a foggy morning and the blue, blue skies break through at mid-morning. The crickets organize their evening symphonies around a marshy pond and the lightening bugs flash in the night. Then, the climate slowly shifts gears and you can almost hear the axis of the earth creak along. The groaning of creation is happening and it is noticeable. The autumn leaves turn gold and glisten in the brilliant, burnt orange glow of the sun as it sinks beyond the horizon. Then, they wither and fade away with the wind whispering their swansong. The inevitable has come, the sting of death with the bitter cold ice storms and splendid snow days which make the entire landscape a playground for all God’s creatures. The end has finally come…Or has it? As the day warms and the snow begins to melt it looks as though death is reversing and it seems as if God has hit the rewind button on the cosmos. Like, a master magician, nature springs back to life, as if to say “gotcha.” I wasn’t dead I was merely sleeping. My life remained in me all the time cant you see? This is a picture of our crucified life dying daily to our flesh, yet living always by the Spirit. And it is a picture of the Resurrection, that of Christ’s, ours, and all of nature. He has not left us without a witness, He preaches the Gospel to us in our every season!


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