We Killed God, But He is Alive!

We killed God. “He came to his own and his own did not recieve him” (John 1:11). Jesus Christ only ever told the truth. He only ever loved. Some he loved easy, some he loved to death*. But, we did it. We murdered Him. That is the biggest philosophical statement ever made. Nietzsche said that God is dead, we have killed him.** However, just like all good lies, it is half-true, half false. We killed God, but he is alive. With all the hate, violence, spit, and false satire of a Roman execution by crucifixion, Jesus Christ suffered and was killed by the hands of sinners. Those hands represent us and our particular personal sins. We should feel the greatest black and lowering storm clouds of conviction, despair, and agonizing distress for the sin against heaven, which we have done. We killed the innocent blood. But just when the weight of Good Friday hits us and brings us down to our knees, the wooings of Resurection Sunday start softly billowing from Heaven’s Throne and from the Lover of men’s souls. It was his plan all along. Just when we feel all is utter hopeless, he redeems us with this bliss, that in his eternal plan, he foreordained for our own hands to kill him and to feel terrible about it. Then, when our wits are at the cusp of insanity, he shows us that it was his plan for us to destroy and his plan to raise Christ from the dead, alive forevermore. So that, he could provide for the very wicked sinners (us) a place beside Him in his heavenly kingdom and share his own inheritance with us for all eternity and lavish upon us the euphoria of worshipping Christ the lamb in the splendor of heaven and God’s own glory forever. Wow! Happy Easter.

*Paraphrased from Derek Web lyrics of song “Lover.”

**The Gay Science, Section 125.