Food Kix

This excerpt will not be so much theological,but rather doxological because God deserves all our praise for creating tastebuds and brains and all the delightful foods in this world.

I’m on a verde kick. I’ve always loved Mexican food but as of late the cravings have become intense. Ever since a guy in my church turned me on to a real authentic Mexican restaurant located in the back of a Mexican grocery store in my city of Richmond. He told me we would be the only white guys in there and he was pretty well right. He said you need to go to the roughest parts of town to find the authentic international chow. Well I will just say the experience was life changing. An el pastor with beef and carnitas with lime, cilantro, onions, jalapeños, habanero-chile sauce later and I am certainly hooked! Not to mention the grocery had every kind of Mexican delight one could imagine including a bakery with some fine pastries. Ever since I have been eating jalapeños with every meal. My dad used to try to get me hooked on them all during my childhood but it never worked until now. I guess my taste buds changed or I just finally got manly enough to handle those little firecrackers. Every time I’m in Walmart now I must hit the Hispanic foods section before leaving and I usually pick up a new hot sauce of some sort. This week it was chile verde. I just love this green stuff! Its tomatillos, cilantro, lime, salt and a couple of preservatives. Great on numerous things especially on black bean and rice burritos. Just thought I would mix it up a little on the blog. Enjoy!


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