How do I walk in the Spirit?

Walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the desires of the flesh. What does it mean to walk “in the spirit”? I’ve often wondered that and contemplated just what it means. How does one walk in the spirit? I love formulas. I love easy instructions. Do a.b. & c. And voila there you have it. What I’ve come to realize is that there is no formula for walking in the spirit. Sure there are the scriptures in the Gospels that tell us if we pray and ask for the Holy spirit we will get Him. And there is the command to be filled with the spirit in Ephesians. So, we know we can get Him by asking or praying but how do we walk in Him? Well what I have learned is that you have to start with Him. You have to begin your day with Him in order to walk in Him. It is really simple. There is no formula for this, no legalistic rule to follow, but in your own way, you must get face to face with the Spirit of God each day. Here is what I do: when I awake I brush, take a vitamin, and read a chapter or less of a Gospel, chronologically. Then I praise His divine qualities, pray to be filled with the spirit, pray for my walk and my family. That is the beginning of my day. It works for me for now, but that may change, I need to notice if it gets stale and tweak my method accordingly. Jesus said as the wind blows so is the spirit (John 3:8) you can’t tell from where it comes or where it goes. Then he says that so is everyone born of the spirit. You can’t see where it comes from but you can see and feel its effects. It also changes directions frequently and brings sudden change at times. We must be aware that this is how He operates and get on board with where He is going and what He is doing in order to keep in step with the spirit. So do it in your way and do what works for you to get face to face with Him early in your day. I suggest some reading of the Word and prayer to help, but the important thing is that you do what is fresh and works for you, not neglecting the basic Christian disciplines at some point in your day, preferably early.


Sidewalk Prophets

Seems funny to me that Noah preached 120 years with no converts to talk about but his immediate family. Poor guy. One can almost empathize that he “planted a vineyard, got drunk, and layed in his tent naked,” after it was over. But God was pleased with Noah. Why is this? He was faithful to his calling despite seeing the immediate results. In fact “results” were not even what God had in his plan for Noah. Noah was to be a sign, a warning. He was warning the world of the judgment to come, he was faithful to do that and he left the results to God. Noah did what he was called to do, period. That’s all that matters. We are not called to produce results we are called to pray, compel them to come in, preach the gospel, and leave the rest to God. In the words of Paul one plants, another waters, but God gives the increase. Don’t get caught up in results; sometimes you can’t see them! Just be faithful to your calling, do the work of the ministry, and be the right person God has called you to be. In the end, this is pleasing to God. Oh and try not to laugh at the guy on the sidewalk with an “end is near” sandwich board, he just might be sent by God.