The Funeral of Santa Claus

I attended the funeral of Santa Claus last week. No, not the mythological jolly man who rides a magic sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. Darrell Williams¬† was an extraordinary man who looked like Santa, and was asked by a little girl in the mall once if he was in fact St. Nick! This prompted him to buy a suit and start playing the part every Christmas. Darrell was a graduate of my alma mater Baptist Bible College and was a very theological thinking man. He was also very sweet in his attitude, demeanor and would literally give you the shirt off of his back. He was described as an “anchor” for the family. Darrell was talking with his son about the pagan holiday associated with Christmas and how it had been perverted from the original story of St. Nickolas, who would take gifts to the needy children in his country. His son said at the funeral that his dad had told him he intended to “steal back Santa Claus” for the Lord. He would play the part at the local mall and use a candy cane to witness about Jesus. He would turn the cane upside down and show how the “J” represents Jesus, and how the red is the blood and the white represents the cleansing of the soul that Christ does that makes us white as snow. I heard that one family in our church took their kid to the mall to see “Santa” and it wasn’t Darrell, so the kid responded, that’s not Santa, I want the real Santa! Referring to Darrel. Silent Night was played at the funeral. It was touching to be a part of the funeral of Santa Claus, I plan on teaching the true story of St. Nick to my child, and in the spirit of “Santa” use the candy cane illustration. Thanks for the inspiration Darrell! And for the legacy you have left, Santa!