So, what exactly is a Christian?

Image        I am alarmed at the amount of comments I have seen in the last year as to what people think Christianity is. I believe people are so confused as to what a christian really is. Not trying to slam anyone or sound like a know it all but I am concerned so, would like to take some time to blog about it.

What is a Christian? I mean, when you boil it down, we are still pretty flawed individuals just like the rest of the world. The major difference is that our flaws are already forgiven and our sins are as well. This changes our perspective on life. We no longer feel God’s judgment bearing down on us. That burden has been lifted, so we no longer need to run from God, we want more of Him because he has accepted us. He has done this through His Son, Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus is fully God and fully man. It’s not a contradiction as many have claimed, but rather a paradox. The way this happened is that Christ was pre-existent. That’s a fancy word to explain the fact that he has always existed, just like God, the Father, and God the Holy Spirit, the 3 persons of the Trinity; One God, existing in 3 persons. He submitted to the Father, like any good son and laid aside the fullness of his divine privileges, left heaven, and was morphed (Phil. 2:6-8) into a seed and miraculously implanted in a virgin named Mary (it was not sexual luke 1:35). Then, he was born, both fully God, and yet fully man. Because he bypassed the sinful nature that is transmitted to every human being through their DNA (trace back to Adam’s sin in the garden of Eden Genesis 3), he did not inherit the tendency to disobey, do evil, and sin. He had his Father’s dna which is holy and perfect and free from sin. So, the fact that he lived a perfect life does not really surprise us because he was God (although it still boggles our minds because of how hard it is for us not to sin). That is how he lived a perfect life and unlike Adam, did not disobey his father. As, you can see, Christianity isn’t really so much about us. It’s all about Him. All about Jesus. He is the one whom we worship, we haven’t done anything spectacular. In fact just the opposite, we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Jesus never sinned. He always glorified the Father and he gave his life for you and for me, sinners. Not only that, he was buried in a borrowed tomb and on the 3rd day, rose again from the dead to give us eternal life…more on that to come in a later post…

So, Christians are they who have quit trying to work their way to earn Gods’ favor and have begun to rest in Christ’s work on the cross. Tim Keller has summed it up well stating that the way into the Kingdom of God is “a door that leads to a long road, and not a long road that leads to a door.” That door is Jesus. He frees us from the power and burden of our sin and gives us free grace (unmerited favor) to walk the road that leads to life.


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