Read the Bible 4x Faster

I don’t know about you, but I suck at keeping New Year’s Resolutions! Do they EVER work? If you’re like me I make a new resolution each year and I’m real gung-ho about it for 90 days or less-usually less. Last year, my resolution was to read the NIV Bible through in a year. Did it happen? Absolutely not! I went about 90 days and just lost steam. Well, to be honest I have never read the Bible through in one year. I read it through in 2 and some change. For me, it feels like a yoke on my neck after awhile and a duty, rather than a privilege.

So, I recently discovered the solution! it’s called B90x. That’s not a typo. This is a reading plan that will take you through the entire Bible in 90 days or less! That’s 4 times faster than a one year plan! I know that’s aggressive but if you think about it, that’s harder work for less time, rather than hard work for a longer time. I’m 5 days in and still excited! Will you join me? Here is the plan-created by Elevation church:

There are also 2 “Grace” days-so technically, you could finish the Bible in 88 days if you don’t use them. But I probably will.

So, rather than feeling defeated after 90 days, I’m gonna feel victory and read whatever I want for the rest of the year! Let me know if you decide to join me!

~Disclaimer~Bible reading plans are not the same as devotions in the Word and prayer with God. For my purposes, Bible reading plans are a discipline. Devotions should be done daily, all year long, every year of your life, as much as is possible.


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