Best books I read in 2015 and would recommend (descending order)

#1    Preaching     by  Timothy Keller    (Truly one of the best reads of my life, and life-changing, ministry focus-changing content. Preachers, this is the only book you need besides the Bible.)

#2    How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie    (More life changing content is contained in these pages than should be allowed by law. Really. Good. Stuff.)

#3    The Heart of Leadership by Mark Miller  (Best book on Leadership I’ve ever encountered and probably ever will encounter)

#4    Building Your Leadership Resume by Johnny Hunt (Pure Leadership Gold)

#5    The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman (Re-read -Essential for anyone serious about loving another individual)

#6    Miracles by C.S. Lewis (Heady, solid out of the box take on orthodox doctrine as to be expected-Classic Lewis)

#7     Teen Proofing by John Rosemond (Re-read-Don’t parent kids and not read this by the time they are two. But if you miss the window-read it anyways! It will help keep you out of the crazy house and from killing your teen)

#8    Get Out by Alvin Reid (Insightful ideas on how youth pastors can get out of the office and reach teens)

#9    As You Go by Alvin Reid (Developing a Missional community of teenagers)

#10   More Than Dodgeball by Joshua Griffin (Excerpts from the Hit Blog on Youth Ministry)

#11    Do They Run When They See You Coming by Jonathan Mckee ( On reaching unchurched teens from the guru)

#12   The 7 Checkpoints for Youth Leaders by Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall  (Benchmark work on foundational teaching categories for every youth ministry)

#13    Revitalize by Alvin Reid (re-read -on church revitalization)

#14    Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler  The age of social catastrophe by Robert Gellately (Super read if you love History and are interested in WWII -720 pages of small print)

#15    ISIS Inside the Army of Terror  by  Hasad Hasad

#16    Happy, Happy, Happy, My life and legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson  (Very Fun and Interesting and impactful Biography)

#17    What It Means To Be A Man  By Rhett Smith (your basic Biblical Manhood with really good application)

#18     I am a Church Member by Thom Rainer  (Short and basic but a needful reminder)